Our solutions

Built by communications professionals, for communications professionals, Social360 provides intelligent digital media monitoring and analysis by searching for relevant conversations taking place on the public web.

Our approach

Complexity bad

First pick a dashboard provider, then program algorithms, collect vast amounts of data, hire staff to scrub the data looking for relevance, remove spam and useless information, reprogram algorithms to improve data quality, interpret data, translate foreign languages, compile metrics, draft reports, and circulate first thing in the morning – repeat daily.

The considerable time and expertise required to sift through the vast amount of information on the public web and find relevant information makes managing this task daunting and in many cases prohibitively expensive to undertake in house.

Simplicity good

We combine our proprietary technology with the insight of highly experienced communications executives, who interrogate the collected data and deliver relevant, targeted daily intelligence reports written in plain English, delivered in your inbox all before you get to the office. There is no need to login into another piece of software.

Our products

Daily Intelligence Report

Our core report provides a top line summary followed by detailed narrative separated by topic delivered to your inbox:

  • Critical intelligence that helps guide your communications strategy
  • Concise and written in plain English
  • Designed for ongoing corporate, crisis, M&A and issues monitoring
  • Frequency can be increased from once a day to multiple times a day
  • Data sourced from all platforms, in any language
  • Unlimited distribution list
  • True 24/7 support globally

Automated Influencer Alerts

This system delivers alerts to you in real-time when a key influencer tweets, posts, or comments about something you have identified as important:

  • S360Tracker - Through our portal you decide who to follow, what conversations you are interested in and who needs to know. You then receive by email only the tweets you want to see.
  • Threshold Signal - Set to trigger an alert to you when volumes exceed a pre- determined level on any given topic.

Presence & Conversation Audits

Whether to benchmark against current industry standards or as an immersion process with a new client, product, or business venture, our presence and conversation audits provide:

  • A detailed analysis of conversations, themes, and sentiment
  • Tracks against competitors
  • Identifies and analyzes key stakeholders, influencers, and drivers of discussion
  • Analysis of followers of a particular Twitter feed or use of a particular hashtag

Detailed Analytics

Social360 offers in-depth analytics based on a timeframe of your own choosing. Produced weekly or monthly, our analytics showcase provides you with insight to help manage your corporate reputation, including:

  • Social Media Volumes
  • Peaks In Mentions
  • Key Themes
  • Associated Keywords & Word Clouds
  • Platform Breakdown Analysis
  • Key Influencers

S360 Political

Social360 offers a complete political monitoring service. We can provide reports of relevant dialogue in the UK Parliament combined with social media interactions from MPs, MEPs, Government Agencies and Think Tanks.

  • Flexible keyword set up
  • Timely and concise email alerts of Parliamentary dialogue from Hansard
  • MP, MEP, Government Agencies and Think Tank twitter and blog alerts
  • Stay on top of every debate, topic discussion and social media interaction in real time
  • No need to log into another piece of software
  • Also available - European Public Affairs Alert:
  • 40 Countries covered, all national elected chambers and their members
  • Over 10, 000 profiles and multiple platforms for each ‘MP’ (including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blog)
  • Search any terms against Alert from company name to topic, receive an Email Alert delivered in real time with link to mention

S360 RAW

A social media monitoring alert service designed for the reputation and crisis monitoring needs of the small to medium sized entreprise and professional services firms. We have adapted our full service approach to the volume and budget constraints of these size of organisations who still want effective, timely social media monitoring:

  • Proprietary technology searching sources 24/7
  • Real-time or once daily alerts via email
  • Comprehensive coverage of social media platforms in one place (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums, Discussion boards).
  • Multi-language search delivered in English
  • Unlimited email distribution
  • Early warning of emerging threats
  • A managed service with human expertise support to help optimise search efficacy and focus on relevant terms

S360 Radar

S360 Radar, a new simple, cost-effective service which provides you with ‘real-time’ text message notification of social media activity, highlighting potential risk to your company’s staff, security and premises.

  • Notify key personnel in ‘real – time’ by sms text directing them to the source
  • Tailor search terms with your risk, security or facilities function to identify threats
  • Minimise noise and irrelevance freeing time to focus on crisis management
  • Use our proven proprietary search technology covering over 40 million online sources

How it works

We search

Developed by our in-house technology experts who share a combined 20+ years experience in search and semantic analysis.

  • Deep search capability of the public web including all social media platforms, blogs, forums, hard to find discussion boards and commentary on mainstream media.
  • We work with you to determine the search parameters (keywords) and program the algorithm.
  • Faster and more accurate filtering process – can turn around quality relevant results faster than a dashboard solution.
  • Ability to process heavy amounts of data, analyze patterns and conversations to determine relevancy.

We analyse

  • Senior level editors with real PR, marketing and financial experience
  • Language agnostic – we search in every language but report in English
  • 24/7 global presence
  • Cross-industry expertise
  • Board level quality reports

We tell you only what you need to know

  • No repetition, no noise just relevant content
  • Content that will assist your communications strategy thinking
  • Understanding of what is resonating where
  • Who are the drivers of discussion and debate

Our customers

Social360 currently provides daily intelligence for many blue chip companies in a range of situations from crisis, to M&A and on-going corporate monitoring.

Sector expertise

Our client experience includes some of the largest corporates including top 5 companies from banking to brewing. In addition to our sector coverage we provide outsourced services for many of the world’s leading PR agencies. Please contact us for specific case studies and examples.

“Social360's media monitoring has become an indispensable tool for us in managing not just our reputation, but our business too.”

Communications Director, financial services

“Ideal for PR and corporate communications functions.”

Communications Director, global energy company

“What Social360 has done is filter out the ‘noise’ and cut to the content that we need to – at a speed, cost and efficiency that we simply couldn’t replicate in-house.”

Corporate affairs, global mining company
  • Banking
  • Pharma/Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector
  • Media
  • Industrials
  • FMCG
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Travel
  • Charity & NPO
  • Gaming
  • Trade Associations
  • Private Clients

International coverage

In addition to offices in New York and London we have senior communications professionals located across the globe supporting our clients needs.

Our people

We’re all from the communications industry, so we know a thing or two about what’s really important to the PR professional. We simply developed a product and service offering that we’d use ourselves.

  • Ryszard Bublik


    Ryszard has more than twenty years financial and communications advisory experience. He started his career in investment banking with Nomura International before moving into the communications industry by joining the international PR consultancy Brunswick. Prior to Social360, Ryszard founded the boutique corporate PR agency Parys Communications.

    +44 (0) 7977 987 991

  • Frank De Maria


    Frank has more than 20 years experience in corporate marketing and communications, having most recently served as Global Head of Communications for NASDAQ OMX. Prior to that he ran communications for Newsweek Magazine and Thomson Reuters. He began his career in communications with Brunswick Group in London and later in New York.

    +1 646 561 6309

  • Giles Brown


    Giles has over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing within the B2B media marketplace. He previously worked for United Business Media group across a range of mediums largely within the TMT sector. Giles has managed large-scale monitoring programs within the natural resources, pharmaceutical, financial services, defence and government sectors.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Alexander Baker

    Business Development

    Alex has extensive experience supporting PR and Communication teams across many sectors, including Retail, Financial and FMCG. Before joining Social360, he headed up UK sales at Gorkana.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7955

  • Celina Bublik


    Celina’s experience includes marketing, journalism and B2B communications. She was previously at De Beers, where she oversaw communications for global marketing teams and developed a suite of online and marketing services. She has experience as a journalist and editor across a variety of trade publications.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Angus Murdoch


    Angus has 20 years of experience working in the world of finance. He spent over 10 years in investment banking, working for Schroders and Citigroup, before escaping the City in 2005. Since then he has specialised in providing financial and legal support to a number of companies.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Anna Summerfield


    Anna’s background is in social media, content management and copywriting, having worked in ecommerce and B2C marketing, as well as healthcare communications and intranet development.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Victoria Thomas

    Content and Business Development

    An experienced PR professional having worked both in-house and agency side, she has expertise in corporate, consumer and crisis PR. Victoria has also worked on high profile national and global campaigns, including The British Airways Great Britons campaign for London 2012.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Rob Herridge


    Rob Herridge oversees and architects all development effort for Social 360. Rob has been a professional developer for 19 years, 14 years of which working specifically developing software to harvest content from the web. He has experience of extracting, categorising and storing vast quantities of real time unstructured data – working previously at Moreover for over 10 years.

    +44 (0)1837 840186

  • Paul Tracey

    Business Affairs

    Paul is a barrister, whose early career was spent at UK merchant bank, County Bank. He transferred to the media sector became CEO of the VTR plc group of media services companies. He has served on the boards of a number of quoted and private companies and now advises a range of businesses on growth strategies, and mergers and acquisitions.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Social360 Editors

    Analysts and Writers

    Our Editors are senior communications professionals, with backgrounds in PR, journalism, marketing and research, across a broad range of sectors, including Energy, Finance, FMCG, Healthcare, and TMT. The multi-lingual team is based across the globe, ensuring round the clock availability and international coverage. Language expertise includes Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Helen Jones


    Helen comes from a marketing and communications background, having worked for major financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Fidelity International. After a switch to the public sector and roles in several central government departments, she became a freelance marketing consultant before joining Social360 in 2015.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Xenia Aherdan


    With two Masters (Marketing & Media Management and International Management) under her belt, Xenia’s interest lies in marketing and communications strategy. She also speaks six languages, including French and Swedish.

    +1 646 561 6309

  • Cristina Motta


    Recently graduated from a Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities at University College London, Cristina worked as an editor for an online museum of art before joining Social360. Cristina has responsibility for various daily and weekly client reports, and works on larger analysis projects, researching clients’ requirements to produce in-depth audit projects.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

  • Veronica Ferrari


    With a background in communications, journalism and languages, Veronica did work experience in publishing before joining the company in 2015. At Social360 she works on the development of Social360 Alerts and Political products.

    +44 (0)20 8875 7969

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