15 Nov 2017

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Social360 is launching S360 Radar, a simple, cost-effective service which provides real-time SMS notification of social media activity, highlighting potential risk to your company’s staff, security and premises.

Designed to keep you informed of critical incidents, S360 Radar sends a text to key identified personnel warning of social media activity highlighting threats or risks to the business.

Social media is increasingly the first channel for any form of news, whether sources are sharing images or videos, appealing for help or offering support. Timeliness in a crisis is key. Initial response and management will reduce the impact on your business continuity.

How does this work?

Social 360 works closely with risk, security or communications teams to narrowly define key search terms tailored to an organisation and its potential threats.

We have predefined groups of risk keywords which can be adapted to client requirements. Using our proprietary search technology, we set up these search terms and work to minimise noise and irrelevancy.

When these keywords trigger an alert to the relevant client inbox, an automated SMS is also sent to chosen, pre-agreed personnel flagging the email.

S360Radar has been built to cover all forms of risk, including but not restricted to: strategic, operational, data, security and personnel.

To find out more about how S360 Radar can effectively reduce your organisation’s risk profile, get in touch with Paul Harris – pharris@s360group.com.

Download full report • PDF

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