14 Jul 2016

Social360 caught up with Pfizer’s Jennifer Kokell, Senior Manager of Social Communications, to find out her thoughts on digital and social media and its influence on the industry.

Social360 Connects: with Pfizer's Jennifer Kokell

Social360: What differs between your “real life” persona and what you are like on social media/online?

JK: I’m a lot more creative on social.

Social360: What was your last post on social media and why?

JK: A shareable family moment on FB. More for my close friends/family network as most of my social handles are private.

Social360: What social media sites do you use professionally?

JK: Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube, Twitter and soon-to-come Instagram.

Social360: How is the digital world changing your industry?

JK: We’re evolving to User needs and no longer limiting our opportunities because of regulatory hurdles.

Social360: How is social media managed in your organization?

JK: Corporate social is a separate entity and lives under the Corporate Affairs division. Branded social lives with the marketing teams.

Social360: Which organization do you think has a great approach to social media?

JK: American Express, GE, HP, Tasty, Lowes DIY (snapchat).

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